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Resto Docinho, Taboquinhas, Bahia

With our Restaurant Docinho hostes

Pivot point when staying in Taboquinhas is restaurant Docinho, where we are hosted by Johnson and Aneilda, the owners of that place. A very warmhearted couple indeed. Aneilda is responsible for serving the food ordered by their guests. She does do this in an un explicable way. One have to experience it personally. She moves herself and the meals towards your table at a most delightful manner, a manner that makes you happy and feeling special. The whole happening is mainly body language, hardly any talking takes place. Only small questions in the sphere of: is it allright? Any wishes? Than, when guests are satisfied, she drifts away with her beaming smile which never disappears of her face. Yes Aneilda is a treat in itself. And than you have Johnson as her counterpart. He loves to explain whatever it is, explain their background, Taboquinhas, family life, points of interest, the surroundings, you name it. He is that eager in expaining things that there is hardly time to take it up in your brain. This is confusing sometimes, especially when one is handicapped by lack of sufficient language capacity. Well, it is fun anyway and all this shows their good hearts. They are honest, deliver good food and drinks and always for the local price. That is why we became friends and always used breakfast, lunch and dinner from them.

Contas River life, Taboquinhas

The Contas river is important for Taboquinhas

Next to them are we also befriended with the Tavares family. We wrote about them in earlier posts. They are Christ followers like ourselfs. We have got to know them via Pousada Crecencio, a modern and clean accomodation with a stay per night service. The Tavares family owns and runs this property under the care of Moises, their eldest son. Admirable people are they. The funny thing is that we didn’t have a clue about the measure of christianity of Taboquinhas. It only became clear to us by the longer stays after we bought our land near this village. Fact is that by far the larger part of the community is involved in church life. Don’t ask me how serious. The  only thing where we are sure of is, that when they can sing, they are singing and praising at full force. This is why I personally always will remember the evening many years ago, that we walked in to the Roman Catholic Cathedral of Ilheus. Watching, in the rear of that Cathedral, and seeing many young people standing upright to sing in praise of God moved me deeply. In Ilheus we had our first encounter with Brazilian christianity.

The Contas river is for Taboquinhas what restaurant Docinho is for us, the central point in the life of this community. They make use of the river for many things, catching fish, river lobster (Pitu), digging sand for use as building material, washing their cars and resfreshing their animals (horses most of all), swimming, boating, relaxing and also sporting around the river. The Contas river is for sure very important for Taboquinhas.

Taboquinhas is a well known Rafting Hot Spot in Bahia.

There is a small Contas river sandy beach on one side of the village. A simple bar terrace accomodates the people that want a fresh drink. The Da Usina waterfall is another appreciated place on the other side of Taboquinhas. Free time on a sunny day is spent at this places by many especially younger inhabitants of Taboquinhas. The waterfall is also utilized as water and electricity supply for the village. Both locations lay in a beautiful natural setting and are within walking distance of the village center.

By far the best known attraction of Taboqunhas is the Cachoeira Do Fumo -the smoking waterfall- where Rafting is the big thing. Many tourists come from the coast areas to have a rafting trip through this waterfall on the Contas River. A lot of information about Rafting in Taboquinhas is available on the Internet.

In the next post there will be more about Taboquinhas in regard to our private interests near the village.


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