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Birds around Taboquinhas and Itacare, BahiaTaboquinhas and Itacaré, beautiful Contas river area.

At the mouth of the Contas river in Bahia lies the charming town of Itacaré. Tranquility is the first word that springs to mind when you arrive at this pleasant town surrounded by lush, tropical forest and which is home to spectacular wildlife, from exotically colorful birds to the little macaque monkeys.

The Bahia area is a vast region of unspoilt land edged by an astonishing 700 miles of Atlantic coastline with beautiful sandy beaches making up most of it. The area has become a boom area in terms of property investment. The Brazilian property market is expanding really fast as the Brazilian people are benefiting more and more from the country ‘s spectacular economic growth. Most of the property investment is taking place along the coastal areas, with the Bahia region possible the most popular in all of Brazil.

That is not only because of the exceptionally pleasant climate which brings good weather all year round but also because the area has seen substantial investment by the government in its transport infrastructure.

Itacaré ‘s tranquility is bound to suffer some disruption from the ever-increasing number of tourists and developments, but you only have to move a short distance inland to feel a world apart from the flourishing new developments directly on the coast.

Traveling along the Contas river towards the village of Taboquinhas, you can still see people using the river as their main livelihood. The river is teeming with brightly colored tropical fish while along the banks the birds try to outdo the fish by flashing even more intense colors. In Taboquinhas, a new project, limited to 5 dwellings, is coming on stream and looks like providing a wonderful investment opportunity. This is an ideal location to explore the rapids further up the Contas, to visit spectacular waterfalls or just marvel at the wildlife and vegetation.

Beautiful Rio Contas between Taboquinhas and Itacaré, BahiaExceptional Taboquinhas

Taboquinhas gives you complete tranquility while still being close enough to the beaches and attractions of Itacaré, giving you the best of both worlds. Itacaré has some truly beautiful, natural beaches like those at Concha -where there are lots of bars and facilities-, Resende, Tiririca and Ribeira.

Whether you just want to chill out and spend your time sunbathing or you would like a bit more activity, these beaches are an excellent option. They are never too crowded and the active-minded will find plenty of opportunities to go surfing. The area also has a number of walking and backpacking options available for which hiring a guide is highly recommended. Moving a little further away from Itacaré, it is possible to find many completely deserted beaches.

While there are plenty of opportunities to listen to local music at night in various lively bars in the coastal area, the entire region is still fairly tranquil and has only become a popular area with visitors since the upgrading of the highway in 1998. Ilheus is the nearest airport and is about an hour ‘s drive from Itacaré. The nearest international airport is at the Bahian capital, Salvador, which is about 4 hours drive away. Connecting flights are available from Salvador.

If you are looking for an opportunity to buy a getaway home in a beautiful and tranquil area that is not too far from fantastic beaches with lively pubs and restaurants, then the plan of a limited exclusive development near Taboquinhas in the Itacaré area is certainly worth to watch out for.

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