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This is about a group of friends and families in their attempt to live in harmony with nature. They believe in having a respectful relationship with the land on which they are living and among themselves in their community.


The Family Collective Aldeia.

I write about Family Collective Aldeia because my wife and I appreciate them for their role model. Though, being of much younger average age than us, we believe that the elderly on our planet should not cease being young at heart. Our inner being is what counts, not the fact that the bodies we live in are slowly losing certain capabilities which are granted as normal for the younger generation. Many elderly people have gained capabilities which only grow through time.

For this reason they are on our list of places to visit next time in Bahia. To get a feel with this example. The difference in their and our plan is that we seek a more or less comparable lifestyle but only for a stay during our Dutch winter time period. Right now we are searching among people in the region for a caretaker / farmers couple. We would love it to build a house for them as well as for us, thus providing an opportunity for them to live a good life with income from both the rich soil there and by the service rendered to us retirees during our staying for half of the year. Preferably local people, with knowledge of planting and reaping from the land. In addition, they should be able to cook and to care for us yet vital retirees. A small community, but hopefully with the potential to grow.

The Aldeia Community Role Model.

 Their priority is to live as a conscious respectful community which shares personal resources, skills and ideas to the benefit of all community members. Every member has a skill to pass on to others in order to grow and to utilize nature in a most economic, respectful and faithful way. Disposal of human and natural resources is considered as a severe weakness.
The goal is to create space, for individuals, families and nature, where the community can flourish on the basis of an ecology supportive manner. Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth is fostered and encouraged without expecting from community members to follow a certain doctrine. The community must be an open space, so that each individual can express him or herself in its own unique way, making them grow in their own unique direction.

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