Fazenda Taboquinhas

Winter-Escape | Revitalising body and mind

Rural Retreat across Taboquinhas river

Crossing the Rio Contas from Taboquinhas by a small ferry, to bring farmers to and fro this special river village.

Near Taboquinhas, just across the river 'Rio Contas', we are planning a project on approximately 26ha private property, comprising pastures, forest and fruit plantations. A few water brooks and public paths cut through the area. Our current home there is a small wooden farm cottage (deteriorating Fazenda).

This place is an oasis of peace and natural beauty. It is our desire to build there a nice bungalow and some more for sale (1½ x construction costs, building plot included).

There are many possibilities for a good plan, to spend winter time in an attractive and tranquil environment for example. The splendid nature and quietness there, has our heart and, around Itacaré, a choice of beaches available at approx. 25 km distance. A boat trip from Camamu to the pretty islands around the Maurau Peninsula is a marvelous experience, but after a day -or longer trip- out, is it good to return and unwind in the tranquility of your resort.


Senior development partner(s) wanted

We think about a bungalow type in balance with the surrounding area, sparsely populated by some small farmer families, mostly living in simple wooden cottages. No challenging villa's in this rural retreat center to impress people in this simple neighborhood. We will go for neatly plastered bungalow, sheltered by a shade roof, spanning indoor and terrace space. After all, people in a tropical climate live outdoor most of the time. It is our dream to create a park-like area surrounding the bungalows.

A concept has to be developed around the waterfall as central relaxation area with shaded terrace, deck chairs, hydro massage bench and swimming pool in the lush tropical setting surrounding that particular spot. An additional conveniences program need to be developed as well. Transportation should be matching the local infra structure, maybe as considerations hereafter.


The way to the waterway

Horse and wagon for the to and fro Taboquinhas village transportation and a roofed flat boat with out board motor as shuttle between Taboquinhas and Itacaré (nearest coast town at 25km distance, at the mouth of the river contas).

Waterway connection between rural retreat center and Intacaré

Fast and comfortable travel solution

Traveling with a flat boat is the most enjoyable and swift shuttle solution, much more comfortable than the bus line between the two places and by far the best way to enjoy the splendor of rainforest along the river banks. These two images here are just examples. Of course is there room for improvement of this simple principles.

Comparable land was offered in this area for R$ 90,000 per 4ha.

Link: Short Video Impression of our terrain.


Aldeia Community Role Model

Aldeia-Community along the rio de contas, Itacare

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This is about a group of friends and families in their attempt to live in harmony with nature. They believe in having a respectful relationship with the land on which they are living and among themselves in their community.


Original old time transportation

Rural Retreat Center, connection with hors and wagon

Old fashion travel solution

To be surrounded by rain forest, waterfalls, small scale farming, rivers, creeks and clay roads offers the possibility of a totally different lifestyle within the mild tropical climate of this super green area. Many things are different and transportation is one of them. Of course one can think about off road cars, four wheel driven, but we prefer thoughts about old time related solutions, although, some improvement of the cart shown in the picture is appreciated.


Useful Links

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Contact: Jaco van der Laak