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A Hidden Pousadas Brazil article, written by Alison McGowan

Review Corumbau beach pousadaLoin de Tout Guesthouse, Corumbau beach.

This is one of those hidden gems that you will never find in a mainstream guidebook because as its name suggest it is a very long way from anywhere. Indeed the name Corumbau means a long way from anywhere in Pataxó Indian dialect, but for Martine, the Belgian owner, that is one of the most beautiful things about the place, one of the last truly authentic fishing villages in Brazil.
The pousada itself is divided from Corumbau beach purely by the sandy track which winds through the village and what an amazing beach- just miles and miles of sand leading at the end to the river Corumbau which divides Corumbau from Caraiva to the north.

The pousada itself has only 3 bungalow suites, all with beautiful high ceilings and fans and hammocks for relaxing outside . It is Martine herself who describes it best. This is a place which is small, quiet, elegant in its simplicity; a place where every client is a friend and made to feel immediately at home. What she forgot to mention though is the delicious food she serves to guests using the latest catch and the freshest ingredients. Corumbau itself may  indeed be  a long way from anywhere but the trip to Loin de Tout is most definitely worth it. I myself will be back for sure!

Corumbau is a small fishing village of only 400 inhabitants situated in the south of Bahia almost due east of Itamaraju. The nearest airport  is Porto Seguro and if you don’t have your own personal helicopter there are only 3 ways of getting here. You can go down through Arraial dÁjuda, Trancoso, Espelho and Caraiva and then get a buggy across the Indian reservation and a boat across the river. Alternatively you can get the bus to Itamaraju and early afternoon bus to Corumbau or pick up a taxi for the last hour and a half of mainly dirt track. There is only one bus in each direction every day however and the taxis are expensive so it is worth checking the bus timetable before you choose this route.

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