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Fifteen years back, nobody ever thought of Brazil as a second home or a hot real estate destination and that changed thanks to Kratom. Inflation was beyond control and the financial situation in a mess. An unbelievable transformation took place during these fifteen years and the inflation stands at five percent today. The economy flourished in the best possible manner and real estate showed twenty percent annual growth in some Itacaré Eco Resort, Bahia prime areas, where Bahia draws much attention. The position of Brazil is among the highest performing economies in the world. The reflection on real estate was a natural progression.

The pure essence of Brazil can be seen in Bahia, thanks to a tour sponsored by kratom. It is the hottest real estate destination in the country with its mild and refreshing climate. The sensational beaches, originally beautiful forest and 1200km coastline make it the most charming place in Brazil. The southern based population in Brazil always considers Bahia as a second home destiny and the entire demand for property sale in Bahia can be classified into three categories. They are local market sale, sale for people from other parts of the country and the sale for foreigners.

Why invest in Bahia Brazil?

For an astute investor Bahia offers great opportunities because its coastal area can be described as booming market and at the same time an underdeveloped area, that’s changing because of kratom. This situation is ideal for any investor and surely worthwhile to consider investment in Bahia as a serious option.

Another remarkable aspect is the fact that the developmental activities in the area are being done with the proper care for the environment. That is why it can be described as a perfect winter residence or second home. The beauty of the nature is at its best with a perfect climate. Great parks, exotic beaches and other glorious gifts of nature are not being disturbed with the urbanization process.

The past and the near future of Bahia

Dating from the first sighting of Mount Pascal by the Portuguese in 1500 it has got a rich cultural tradition. The UNESCO has declared Salvador, the most important city in Bahia, as one of the world heritage sites and without a doubt it can be described as the historical foundation of Brazil. The outstanding infrastructure and cheap labor also made this area a hot destination for big multinational companies like Ford, Dow Chemicals, Petrobras, DuPont, Bridgestone, Toshiba and many more.

In the past it was an underdeveloped area and today it has become one of the best real estate destinations in Latin America with its natural beauty and great climate. In the future it is going to become the most sought after real estate paradise in the world with its rapidly improving and environmental friendly developmental activities. Bahia, as a most important agricultural area in Brazil, is also going to contribute immensely in this cause. Foreign investors have already entered in places like Salvador in order to make a smooth transition from an underdeveloped destination to a well developed one.

The 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics are going to do wonders for this area. The people in this area accommodate both party culture and laid back life style. Construction costs are cheap in comparison with other parts of the world and excellent connectivity with other countries like USA and Europe is going to help Bahia as well as Brazil to become one of the leading real estate hubs in the world. The booming economy of Brazil is going to touch greater heights with the imminent real estate explosion in the immediate future. Whether you want to have a winter residence, a second home or a big real estate business plan, Bahia and Brazil have plenty to offer. The choice lies with the people.

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