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A Hidden Pousadas Brazil article, written by Alison McGowan

Morro de Sao Paulo1. Morro de Sao Paulo has nothing to do with the city of Sao Paulo  (I thought it did for ages!) although it is indeed on a” morro”, Portuguese for hill

2. Morro de Sao Paulo is the name of the town which is full of bars and restaurants and nightlife; the island itself  is called the Ilha de Tinhare and it has over 40 kilometres of pristine beaches where the only noise is that of the waves

3. Someone ran out of inspiration when naming the beaches on the island. The main beaches are called Primeria, Segunda, Terceira, Quarta and Quinta Praias- literally translating into first, second, third, fourth and fifth beaches

4. The 5th beach, where the famous Anima and Vila dos Orixas pousadas are located is also now called the Praia do Encanto- the enchanted beach

5. There is no traffic on the island except for essential vehicles and the 4x4s, which serve the pousadas and the tiny airstrips. There are two of the latter on the island- one closer to Morro and one at the southernmost tip, which mainly serve the island of Boipeba a short distance across the channel

6. On arrival in Morro de Sao Paulo you will be met by a throng of wheelbarrow boys who will relieve you of your luggage for the trek up the hill to pay your arrival tax. They will then take you through the village, dropping you at your pousada or leaving you at the reception point on 2nd beach for those going further on. (There is no traffic at all in the village of Morro)

7. Outlying pousadas run a free shuttle service into Morro which you can book in advance. Don’t even think of walking home!

8. If going on a boat trip you may be picked up in the sea at 3rd or 5th beach, but be prepared to wade in water up to your waist and then to clamber aboard. And don’t forget your sunscreen and a large hat as you may be standing there waiting in the water for a while.  On the way back you will be dropped at the pier in town so make sure you have your transport booked back to the pousada from the reception point on 2nd beach if you are not staying actually in Morro.

9. Take money in a sealable plastic pouch if you want a cold beer at the natural pools off Boipeba. There used to be floating tables but these days you have to swim for it!

10. If you avoid the time around June you will probably avoid the worst of the rainy season. The rest of the time this is an area with a beautiful climate with the norm being long sunny days and a cooling breeze. Perfect for chilling Bahian style!

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