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Amersfoort, 12-10-2013.

After my wife and I decided in which period of the year we wanted to travel, I started with a search for the most economic flight to Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Starting point in our case is Amsterdam airport. Low cost is the goal but not for any price. More than one stop over is unwanted. So far we used the Portuguese airline TAP. This time was Air Europe selected, a Spanish airline company. It saved us, as a couple, some 150 Euros. With the flight tickets arranged I searched for best buys of the first three Pousada stops on the route we choose to travel. We favor the Brazilian Pousada (guesthouse) concept above anything else. Cozy ambiance and meeting people are the most important benefits to us.

Stop number one is in Salvador city. Two, the island of Itaparica. Three, the island of Boipeba, counterpart island of Morro de Sao Paulo. The reason to not seek a lodging solution on the spot, is twofold: 1) We are elderly people and appreciate peace of mind. Having a place for the night, waiting on us after a long air trip, supports this desire and also gives a good position for negotiation. 2) Due to a few websites we maintain with content about Bahia Brazil for which we write about our Travel and Pousada experiences, do we have a nice bit of leverage to negotiate.

In remote places but connected.

We both love the tranquility and peace of rural Bahia and prefer to travel like the average Bahian inhabitant travels; using the onibus (bus). Bahians don’t like hurry up mentality, and, to be honest, we neither after a few days in Bahia. So, the bus it is for us. And indeed, a great contribution to low budget traveling. In many villages at some distance from the famous Bahian beaches there are Wifi spots available. Less in public places but quite some people with a business have a Wifi connection. People are very friendly in this areas and helping each other out is their normal lifestyle.

Nexus travel tablet

Daddy laptop with small Nexus on his lap.

We bought a Google Nexus 7 device. High price-performance ratio, high speed operation and very handy for light and safe travel. One will understand that seniors need to spend time in order to adapt to this new technology. It was an easy exercise may I say. All the productivity and connectivity tools (‘apps’ are they called nowadays) were available to fulfill our needs. Yes, the Nexus stirred up some excitement with me. Writing, Internet banking, online content management of our websites, cheap worldwide calling, uploading our pictures and videos, having my complete content collection and contacts network in the cloud, very nice. Nevertheless there will be places without means to connect. There will we be really away for that time.

Organizing what is left behind.

Most important things are ready. It basically comes down to the fact that Joyce, my wife and travel mate through thick and thin, wants to leave a clean and orderly house behind. This is good practice of course, but reason number one is that our first grandson will stay at home, all by himself for the first time. A second reason is that it might be possible that a friend or family member wants to keep him company once in a while. My support for her goal was an afternoon at the attic. Amazing what wanders around into a home. Four bags of clothing, bedding, books and games left the house this afternoon and we aren’t yet half way. Anyway, the lady of the charity shop likes it, and my wife too. We will make it before 22 October, for sure, when God grants us and we live.

Yet a few phone calls with people we need to meet shortly after arriving, as well as a visit to my old mother (93 years of age in december) and we are ready to go.

So, Wolfgang, of Pousada ‘Mansion Villa Verde’ our first stop in Salvador Barra, Jean Eudes of Pousada ‘Beija Flores’ on beautiful Itaparica island and my good friend Joaquim of ‘Property Bahia Brazil’, we are coming.



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