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A Hidden Pousadas Brazil article, written by Alison McGowan

Morro de Sao Paulo1. Morro de Sao Paulo has nothing to do with the city of Sao Paulo  (I thought it did for ages!) although it is indeed on a” morro”, Portuguese for hill

2. Morro de Sao Paulo is the name of the town which is full of bars and restaurants and nightlife; the island itself  is called the Ilha de Tinhare and it has over 40 kilometres of pristine beaches where the only noise is that of the waves

3. Someone ran out of inspiration when naming the beaches on the island. The main beaches are called Primeria, Segunda, Terceira, Quarta and Quinta Praias- literally translating into first, second, third, fourth and fifth beaches

4. The 5th beach, where the famous Anima and Vila dos Orixas pousadas are located is also now called the Praia do Encanto- the enchanted beach

5. There is no traffic on the island except for essential vehicles and the 4x4s, which serve the pousadas and the tiny airstrips. There are two of the latter on the island- one closer to Morro and one at the southernmost tip, which mainly serve the island of Boipeba a short distance across the channel

6. On arrival in Morro de Sao Paulo you will be met by a throng of wheelbarrow boys who will relieve you of your luggage for the trek up the hill to pay your arrival tax. They will then take you through the village, dropping you at your pousada or leaving you at the reception point on 2nd beach for those going further on. (There is no traffic at all in the village of Morro)

7. Outlying pousadas run a free shuttle service into Morro which you can book in advance. Don’t even think of walking home!

8. If going on a boat trip you may be picked up in the sea at 3rd or 5th beach, but be prepared to wade in water up to your waist and then to clamber aboard. And don’t forget your sunscreen and a large hat as you may be standing there waiting in the water for a while.  On the way back you will be dropped at the pier in town so make sure you have your transport booked back to the pousada from the reception point on 2nd beach if you are not staying actually in Morro.

9. Take money in a sealable plastic pouch if you want a cold beer at the natural pools off Boipeba. There used to be floating tables but these days you have to swim for it!

10. If you avoid the time around June you will probably avoid the worst of the rainy season. The rest of the time this is an area with a beautiful climate with the norm being long sunny days and a cooling breeze. Perfect for chilling Bahian style!

Moréro Boipeba PousadaBy Gary Peyper

1. beaches – Moreré offers easy access to  beautiful, deserted beaches which are great for swimming.

2. weather – Moreré is warm and sunny weather almost all year.

3. safety – the little village and beaches are safe, day and night.

4. reefs – the beaches are protected by coral reefs with beautiful natural pools which are great for diving at low tide.

5. walks – the beaches, mangroves and tropical forests are ideal for walking.

Pousada A Mangueira, Moreré, Boipeba6. the people – the local people are happy, friendly and laid-back.

7. visitors – no mass tourism here; the visitors are sophisticated and eco-conscious.

8. trips – Moreré is a perfectly-located starting point for trips to explore the island on foot,  horseback, in a canoe, a fishing boat, or a speedboat.

9. restaurants – Moreré now has some very good restaurants and  Samburá is one of the best on the island for food and service.

10. my pousada! A Mangueira – a secluded oasis of peace and tranquility where your privacy is respected and I am always on hand whenever you need me.


A Hidden Pousadas Brazil article, written by Alison McGowan

Review Corumbau beach pousadaLoin de Tout Guesthouse, Corumbau beach.

This is one of those hidden gems that you will never find in a mainstream guidebook because as its name suggest it is a very long way from anywhere. Indeed the name Corumbau means a long way from anywhere in Pataxó Indian dialect, but for Martine, the Belgian owner, that is one of the most beautiful things about the place, one of the last truly authentic fishing villages in Brazil.
The pousada itself is divided from Corumbau beach purely by the sandy track which winds through the village and what an amazing beach- just miles and miles of sand leading at the end to the river Corumbau which divides Corumbau from Caraiva to the north.

The pousada itself has only 3 bungalow suites, all with beautiful high ceilings and fans and hammocks for relaxing outside . It is Martine herself who describes it best. This is a place which is small, quiet, elegant in its simplicity; a place where every client is a friend and made to feel immediately at home. What she forgot to mention though is the delicious food she serves to guests using the latest catch and the freshest ingredients. Corumbau itself may  indeed be  a long way from anywhere but the trip to Loin de Tout is most definitely worth it. I myself will be back for sure!

Corumbau is a small fishing village of only 400 inhabitants situated in the south of Bahia almost due east of Itamaraju. The nearest airport  is Porto Seguro and if you don’t have your own personal helicopter there are only 3 ways of getting here. You can go down through Arraial dÁjuda, Trancoso, Espelho and Caraiva and then get a buggy across the Indian reservation and a boat across the river. Alternatively you can get the bus to Itamaraju and early afternoon bus to Corumbau or pick up a taxi for the last hour and a half of mainly dirt track. There is only one bus in each direction every day however and the taxis are expensive so it is worth checking the bus timetable before you choose this route.


A Hidden Pousadas Brazil article, written by Alison McGowan

Pousada Paraiso Verde, Ilheus, Bahia

Artistic, rustic-chic, exclusive and totally hidden beach front pousada”

Pousada Paraiso Verde is situated in 10,000 square metres of land 2 kilometres off the main Ilheus/Itacare road and is equidistant 30 kilometres from both. It is simply and uniquely beautiful and it must count as one of the most hidden of all the hidden pousadas. The name itself means “green paradise” and it is this which you wake up to every morning in your stilted bungalow, surrounded by palm trees and luxuriant foliage.

However the Paraiso Verde is a paradise in many other ways as well, starting with the location on a stretch of deserted beach, which runs for miles in each direction ; the beautifully thatched, high ceilinged, well appointed bungalows; the attention to design and detail; the beautiful kitchen and lounging area, the incredible sea views and the extraordinary surreal pop art of New Yorkers Kenny Schraf and Keith Harding everywhere.

This is a place where New York chic meets the rustic charm, colour, design and hospitality of Bahia, and the result owner Tereza Schraf has achieved, is an atmosphere of warmth and comfort and relaxed informality amidst spectacular scenery. If you want peace and tranquility and off the beaten track exclusivity, then Pousada Paraiso Verde offers the best of it all.

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A Hidden Pousadas Brazil article, written by Alison McGowan

Exploring Bahia off the beaten track

Bahia is the most revered historical and cultural state in Brazil.

Its true glory is its coastline, the longest in the country, populated with beautiful beaches, islands, mountains and rivers.

The city of Salvador is a great starting point for exploring Bahia. However, neighbouring regions offer a feast of surprises too – quaint towns and tropical jungles, crystalline waters and caves and an abundance of pousada hideaways.

It is impossible to even scratch the surface of Brazil in one short trip let alone Bahia’s immense landscape, but soaking up the culture and exploring the many hidden gems that Bahia has to offer can be done with a bit of pousada surfing.

A truly Hidden Pousda: Tropical tranquility, ocean views and superb surfing

Pousada Tãnara, Itacaré, BahiaPousada Tãnara, Itacaré, Bahia

Itacare is situated on the Cocoa Coast of Bahia, the stretch which runs between Ilheus, 65km to the south and , Salvador 230kms to the north, just where the Rio das Contas river meets the ocean.

Waking up in paradise in Pousada Tanara, my eyes opened to an unforgettable scene of dawn breaking over Tiririca beach, a small bay flanked by palm trees and Atlantic rainforest; in the background the sound of the powerful ocean waves, which have made this such a mecca for surfers. Indeed, Bahia off the beaten track at its best. The word “tanara” means nature in Pataxo Indian dialect and the 5 rooms of Pousada Tanara blend comfort with nature in an extraordinary location.10 minutes walk in one direction from all the shopping and nightlife of Itacare village and minutes’ walk in the other direction to Praia da Costa and Praia da Ribeira. Praia de Tiririca is just down the path.

Rooms and bathrooms here are all different and most are small, with steps leading up or down to them. But what the pousada lacks in size is more than made up for by the character and quirkiness of the place – the tropical foliage all around, the beautiful deck overlooking the ocean, the superb breakfasts and the wonderful hospitality of Nele and Marcos. It offers an off the beaten track sensation altogether.

For anyone looking for a beautiful place to chill seconds from the beach or surf, but still walking distance from the village, you really couldn’t find a better place, and I certainly did not want to leave.

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