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Sunset in Barra Grande

The sunset seen from a beach terrace in Barra Grande.

There was never one boring moment during our trip to Barra Grande-Camamu-Ubaitaba. The days passed by by our daily walk along the beach, taking a seat on one of the above the high tide line terraces, in the shadow of trees and listening to waves that rolled onto the beach. We always went off at such a time that made it possible for us to pick a terrace at noon or in late afternoon to have a drink and eat something. Our favorite way to watch the sun set is on a easy seat after a bit of swimming during our stroll along the edge of the sea, a refreshment at hand, camera within reach, soft happy Bahian background music and a frutos do mar meal coming our way. The picture here is one of those we shot from our terrace.

Once there was feeble service on our first choice beach terrace. The owners weren’t at home or something alike but their son was and took our order but returned with the message that that we ordered too small a portion. The next door terrace was a good alternative. We chose fried sardines, yummy yummy, something to repeat and that was what happened.

A very very tiny single persons house next door drew our attention. There was a sign in front advertising chocolate sweets. We tried a few and soon a nice conversation started off with the black Bahian lady entrepreneur. It turned out that she was able to speak French. Her story was that she married a Swiss man and lived in Lausanne, Switzerland, for several years. It didn’t last though and she returned to Bahia, Brazil, still a lady with charm but the marks of life engraved on her face. For ourselfs we referred to her as lady cacao. She was a kind person, like almost all Bahians are. We met her several times for a chat in her front garden, fenced by the beach.

Odd things with black Bahians and white Europeans.

The story above doesn’t stand by itself. We met German Wolfgang in Salvador, falling in love head over heels with a black Bahian beauty, Dutch Jan in Imbassai, Dutch Eddy in Itacaré, all with the same story. Their love adventures lived a short life and we haven’t discovered the exception to the rule yet. No doubt, they have to be somewhere.

Barco Rainha do Mar

Barra Grande. Rainha do Mar. Barco of Captain Pequeno.

I already mentioned meeting up with some friends of visits in earlier years. One of them is famous around the Barra Grande pier. His (nick) name is Captain Small (Capitão Pequeno), a sailor who offers tours on his ship, sailing through the bay of Camamu with his good old classic boat of the type which is simple called ‘Barco’. We love this boats and Captain Small knows it. He was ever so happy to see us back and tried to get us on board for another trip in the surroundings. No thanks Captain, not this time. Okay friends, anyway, good to see you back. The day that we left from Barra Grande we left with a Barco, thanks to Capitão Pequeno. He arranged this transport back to Camamu by Barco with help of one of his friends. It positively illustrates the friendlyness of the Bahian people. Another example is that Joyce forgot to take a bag with swimming gear when she left the speed boat which transported us to Barra Grande. The people around the pier phoned up the speedboat terminal in Camamu and her swimming gear were returned to her the next day.

A new friendship -at least in regard to Facebook- we found with Cabral. Cabral is a very lively, cheerful and busy man, not only busy with baking bread in his bakery (Padaria Cabral) and adjoining cafetaria. Organizing a nice party in his cafeteria, with some live music, is as well a pleasant pasttime for him. He is happy with his life in Barra Grande, far away from Sao Paulo. Click here to read his little story under the entrepreneurs category.

Well, I could go on with telling about walking, swimming and boating there in beautiful surroundings, but I already wrote a lot about these things when we were there in earlier years, findable in our older posts.

We had a wonderful private transport with a Barco, sailed by the friend of Capitão Pequeno. After a nice meal in a restaurant which we appreciated out of the past, we took the bus from Cidade Sol in order to bring us to Ubaitaba. There we were expected by our good friend Antonio, the manager of our property administration in Bahia. Next stage is about the nice time we had together in Ubaitaba.

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