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Salvador, bahia Brazil

Castro Alves statue, overlooking the bay -Bahia- of all saints,

Salvador da Bahia was the former colonial capital of a new world country, nowadays known as Brazil. A ship captained by Amerigo Vespucci sailed into an enormous and a most impressive bay at November 1st in 1501. It was the Portuguese day of All Saints and for this reason Amerigo named the bay ‘Bahia de Todos os Santos’ – ‘Bay of All Saints’.

Vespucci and followers settled on the high north bank. The evolving City became known as "Savior of the Bay of all Saints" - "Salvador de Bahia". The development was fueled by large numbers of African slaves as cheap laborers.  Labor to give birth to this enormous country in South America. By the way, captain Amerigo's map maker named his map of this territory 'America'. Eventually the name was adopted for both America's.

Today the Republic of Brazil has twenty-six Federation Units (Unidades Federativas (UF), twenty-seven states (Estados) among which is Bahia, where it all began. Approximately 80% of the Bahian inhabitants have African roots.


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Bahia offers lush nature holiday paradises and opportunities.

Brazil is a huge country, comparable in size to the European Union. Bahia Brazil offers exuberant nature. With > 1,100 km the state has the longest coastline of the country with beautiful beaches in all sorts and sizes, impressive interior and - at the south coast of Bahia - a very pleasant climate. A country with endless possibilities. The initiators of this site were quickly energized by Brazil and Bahia in particular. Vacationing, exploring, developing, private property acquisition and ownership of large portions of rural land are still relatively easy accessible for inhabitants and foreigners alike.

Tourists might find inspiration via the Brazil Travelogues while people searching for a property investment might like to read about the Realty Developments in Bahia. Both options belong to the most read content on the site.

Taipus de Fora - Barra Grande

A pretty beach in Bahia, somewhere between Salvador and Porto Seguro


Selected info sites between Salvador and Porto Seguro. Focus on the multitude of tropical beaches in Bahia Brazil.

The "Salvador+"  menu tab will open a page with a selection of the best tourists information sites, showing the splendor of the Bahian coast from Salvador to Porto Seguro. A fine possibility to discover at home what is there to experience. It comes to your aid to make plans or just enjoy on your spot.

Our personal interest lays in the beautiful rural area around the river village Taboquinhas in Bahia. We want a rural retreat development in the rich natural splendor.

This website is primarily designed as an information hub on tourists options, real estate facts and formal matters. You are invited to zoom-in on what you, as a tourist and / or business visitor, would like to know about this beautiful part of Brazil.

Five stars tourists attraction without a doubt is Salvador de Bahia, southbound followed by Itaparica island and the Morro de Sao Paulo archipel with counterpart island Boipeba. Thereafter the towns of Itacare and Porto Seguro and their surrounding. Of course are places skipped, but information on them is especially available under the Salvador+ menu tab. Another good idea is to visit the website of Zulu Turismo.



Quality Pousada Reviews. Success formula of Alison McGowan.

By Jac van der Laak

Hidden Pousada, Ilheus, Bahia

One of the selected Hidden Pousadas along the Bahian Coast.

I follow the hidden pousadas brazil websites of Alison and team for many  years now.  My interest in the concept was triggered first of all by the tasteful presentation of her main site. The natural 'feel' of the site corresponds just right with the message presented to the public.  A  logo that sticks to the mind of site visitors, high quality images and a logical information format, makes a site visit not only pleasant but also easy to understand in regard to what type of information is available and where.

The niche is 'hidden pousadas brazil', as simple as that. Not just pousadas (guesthouses, mostly offering a Bed and Breakfast concept) but pousadas of an exclusive nature, not in the least where quality of location is at stake.

Hidden Pousada Brazil Reviews

The presented ´Hidden Pousadas'  are a 'Special Collection' of personally visited and recommended pousadas. Many of them are located in Bahia Brazil, because this state draws an ever increasing number of  tourists. Selection takes place with the English speaking visitors in mind, thus providing a means for English speaking pousadas to promote themselves internationally. I highly appreciates the quality reviews available for all listed pousadas and consider myself honored to share a mutual interest regarding Alisons websites and my own site about Bahia Brazil.

International business investors take Bahia Brazil serious


With courtesy of the Macauhub website.

A short selection of snippets reveals that the state of Bahia offers a valuable and acknowledged investment climate.

Brazilian investment promotorBahia Brazil: Chinese group to invest in soy processing factory.

Secretary for agriculture in Bahia, Eduardo Salles, confirmed in Salvador the implementation of a project, by the Chinese Chongqing Grain Group (CGG), to install a soy press factory in the Brazilian state.

Portuguese business people to invest over 625 million euros.

Salvador da Baia, Brazil, 8 May – Portuguese businesspeople will invest over 625 million euros in Bahia Brazil over the next three years, as confirmed by the chairman of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in Brazil – Bahia. Eduardo Salles (state secretary) said that the Portuguese investments would mainly be in the areas of tourism, agriculture and construction.

28 million Reals investment by Pestana group in new project northeast Brazil.

Grupo Pestana has opened another accommodation in Northeastern Brazil, in the state of Bahia, an investment totalling 28 million reals, the Portuguese hotel network said Wednesday.

Chinese group JAC Motors announces construction of factory in Bahia.

Chinese automotive company JAC has announced it plans to install its Brazilian factory in the Camacari municipality of the state of Bahia and invest around 900 million reals. The region already has car parts factories because of a Ford factory in that Brazilian state.

These snippets are just a few examples. More available on the macauhub site.